Our Story

It all started when…

Canna-Envy, an infused bath and beauty company in Mendocino, can be traced back to years ago when Annette Flores and her husband, Robert Cobren, were still living in Chicago. Annette’s mother had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s which quickly progressed to dementia and left her lethargic from the negative side effects of the medications that her doctor’s prescribed. Then, Roberts mother was diagnosed with stage-4 breast cancer, but she was opposed to using any type of cannabis byproduct because of her job. Nonetheless, Annette decided to experiment with cannabis-infused edibles to offer her mother some relief. Not only did the edibles help, but there weren’t any side effects.

Annette continued to experiment with edible recipes, often sharing her creations with friends and family. After receiving great reviews, she began to wonder what else she could do with the plant? Considering all the good things cannabis could do from inside the body. Annette wondered what it could do from the outside. After her first batch of cannabis-infused soap, Annette knew she’d struck gold and Canna-Envy was born. Soon after, Annette and Robert moved to Mendocino County to pursue their dream of making cannabis therapies for people who need them most and educate those who are against using them. 

Today, Canna-Envy offers a wide variety of topical products, all made from organic ingredients and crafted herbs, including infused soaps, lotions, lip balms, pain salves, bath salts, coffee scrubs and more. The company is also a completely integrated seed-to-sale operation, leaning on the couple’s years of experience in supply chain management services. 

In addition to the topical therapies offered by Canna-Envy, Annette and Robert give back to their community through the Canna-Envy Veteran Alternative Medicine Program, giving veterans legal jobs in the industry.

By bringing their passion for helping others, Annette and Robert have become an integral part of Mendocino County community.