Weed Wives – A Reality Show

What if we lived in a world where everyone believed in all things Cannabis? What if the Cannabis Industry was ran by women? 

I am Annette Flores, the Founder and Creator of Weed Wives – a reality show based on women in the Cannabis Industry; Women who have devoted their lives to Lady Sativa, in one way or another. Whether you are a Farmer, Scientist, Bud Tender, Lab Tester, a Broker, or simply a mom that believes in the many benefits this plant offers, you are a Weed Wife! My purpose is to gather life stories and experiences for the intention of a reality show, to show the world the impact Cannabis has made. I am looking for as many women that want to share their real-life stories and how Cannabis has changed their life.

I have been in the Cannabis Industry for over 25 years, I have seen everything from the good, the bad and the ugly; Along with the craziness this industry has to offer. However, I know this plant has many great benefits, and my life would not be the same without it. That is why I want to hear all your stories – good, bad, and crazy – on your experiences in this industry. Below we have a questionnaire for you to fill out for yourself, or someone you may know that is involved in the industry. My goal is to get enough women to sign up so we can start filming the reality series, WEED WIVES!

So, what are you waiting for? Join the club! Fill out this short form to submit your application.